Marco Arment:

>It’s important to consider why they bought Android phones in the first place. Was it because they tried their friend’s Droid and had to have one because it was so good? Or was it because they went into the Verizon store for their next contract renewal, they wanted an iPhone but knew it wasn’t available on Verizon, the sales guys told them this was just as good as the iPhone, it looked a bit like an iPhone, and it had a buy-one-get-one-free sale?

Marco has a great point, I am sure the market will change over the next 18 months — in the iPhone’s favor. Why? Because last night my buddies new-ish Droid Incredible died long before the night was over — after a full charge in the morning and a 40 minute boost during the afternoon.

Android phones just aren’t there yet in the user happiness category.

Posted by Ben Brooks