Justin Blanton:
>On balance, I think it’s a solid release, especially for this category of app, which inevitably generates a lot of criticism from us ‘power’ users, because it’s something we use all day, every day. The developer appears to be rather responsive, so I’m expecting great things in the future, and am sure that most of the app’s larger issues (most notably, instability) will be attended to in short order.

It is a very solid release — but it doesn’t feel as elegant as the iPad itself does, thus a mismatch that I hate. Also Justin pointed out that I was wrong about a scrolling point in my quip about the app, I have since updated the [original post](http://brooksreview.net/2011/04/quick-takes-on-five-apps-7/) to reflect my wrongness. ((Thanks for that Justin.))

Posted by Ben Brooks