Michael Woloszynowicz taking a look at what it would cost to run Dropbox for a month:
>Adding all this up gives us a cost in the range of $3.1M – $5.8M per month. So what can we infer from these numbers? First off, working with these same assumptions (less payroll costs) we can determine that a single full 2GB free account costs the company around 25 cents/month, while our low case account (with 433MB used) costs about 11 cents/month (see note 1). The most important thing to consider is how many paid Pro 50 accounts they would need to cover their costs.

That’s pretty crazy, yet this last bit is really interesting:

>The final thing to consider is that Dropbox’s total funding is in the $7.2M – $10M range. Given the high burn rate of $3.1M – $5.8M per month, Dropbox must have a good base of paid users already as they wouldn’t be able to survive on outside financing alone.

Posted by Ben Brooks