Watts Martin:
>What’s grating about this reporting is, as usual, the emphasis being placed on the fact that it’s an Apple product. The headlines are all variants of “Apple is recording your every move!” In fact, there’s no indication that Apple has any way to access this data at all—the only way to get it is to have access to your iPhone or to your iPhone backups, and to know whose iPhone the file belongs to.

You really have nothing to complain about if you regularly check-in on social services or geo-locate your tweets. That said, I loved Martin’s last quip where he links to this [service](https://events.ccc.de/congress/2010/Fahrplan/events/4151.en.html) for Android:

>We introduce a new forensic technique that allows to collect users’ past locations on most current Android phones, within a few seconds. It becomes possible to tell where the user was at a given time, or where a phone call took place over the last few hours or days.

Now that is troublesome.

Posted by Ben Brooks