September iPhone 5 Speculation

Federico Viticci ruminating on why a September iPhone 5 launch makes sense:
> Last, a September release means Apple could move the iPhone against the much more profitable holiday season. If a new iPhone comes out in September, how many users are going to buy one come Thanksgiving and Christmas? Remember the golden iPod days? Right.

I would add a couple more things:

1. A September launch leaves room for the white iPhone 4 to launch in the next month. Thus Apple gets the “normal” press hype to push them into July.
2. July announcement of iOS 5 and launch of Lion for Mac users pushes the press frenzy into September (all the press will be wanting to delve into the new Mac OS).
3. September just makes way more sense — that’s when gifts are purchased, not June/July.
4. Allows Apple to launch more things in iOS 5 and to give developers time needed to get their apps up to date.
5. Eases the pain Verizon customers would feel — whom still would have had their iPhone 4s for less than a year.

At least that is what I am thinking right now.