Joshua Topolsky:
>There are five gestures which allow you to navigate the OS. A swipe up from the bottom bezel while in an application will take you to card view (and your homescreen), while the same gesture in the card view will bring up your app drawer and also close it. A swipe downward from the top of the bezel while in an app will reveal more chrome, allowing you to explore options or make other selections (in the browser, for instance, it brings up your tabs and option icon). If you perform the downward swipe on the homescreen […]

I don’t normally quote this much of any one article, but I wanted to highlight just how complicated this gesture stuff is on the PlayBook. I just don’t see how grandparents would be fine with this. I know tons of grandparents who are in love and using iPads — do you think they could handle all those crazy gestures? I think we need a home button here.


>And that’s what it really boils down to here; what is the compelling feature that will make buyers choose the PlayBook over something else?

There isn’t one.

Posted by Ben Brooks