MG Siegler:
>I also love the idea of adding some chaos into the mix. If Twitter doesn’t own the most popular mobile client, what does that mean? Would they have to buy Tweetbot? Do they make moves to shut it down or limit it?

That’s and interesting question, but I am already willing to say that Tweetbot won’t over take Twitter (official app) as the most popular iOS client. The problem isn’t that Tweetbot isn’t good enough, the problem is that it isn’t $1.99 *better* than the free Twitter offering — it’s $0.99 better, but for most ((Whereby, “most” is not referring to us nerds, that only make up a small fraction of the base.)) they wouldn’t even cough that amount up.

[Updated: 4.14.11 at 1:35 PM]

I should also clarify to say that I think it is worth the price, but I don’t think that at any price they could surpass the market share that Twitter has with its official app.

Posted by Ben Brooks