Bill Rigby, reporting on Microsoft’s board backing Steve Ballmer, quotes BGC Partners Colin Gillis:
>”It’s on. David Einhorn likes to shake things up,” Gillis said. As for Microsoft’s stock staying flat over a decade, “the question is, is it because of Ballmer, or is it because people are concerned about a post-PC era?”

That’s *not* the question, because it doesn’t matter. The CEO of any company is supposed to successfully navigate a changing consumer market, both Apple and Google have succeeded at that, Microsoft has not — plain and simple.

So yes Microsoft’s core business maybe deflated as a result of market conditions and yadda yadda yadda — the point is that Ballmer should have found a new avenue for growth. The point is that Ballmer is responsible for letting “people concerned about post-PC era” affect Microsoft’s stock.

Posted by Ben Brooks