I am sure you have all heard or seen Fantastical by now — it’s a little menubar app that shows you upcoming appointments and allows you to create new appointments in natural language. It’s very neat, pretty nice looks (though why make that month calendar look like a crappy paper one?!?). It will set you back about $15 and I like it, but [Justin Blanton makes a killer point](http://hypertext.net/2011/05/fantastical):

>While it most certainly is pretty and likely a joy to use, I’m a bit confused as to why anyone would use a calendaring app and a task-management app, unless maybe they’re sync’ing their calendars with other people.

After reading that I am going to stop using calendars and see what it would be like to do everything in OmniFocus — should be interesting. At the very least I think Justin makes a pretty strong point, because with Fantastical you would have two calendaring apps on your Mac that do more or less the same thing (iCal and Fantastical): show you where to go and when.

Posted by Ben Brooks