Grandview is a fullscreen writing app like you have never seen before. Yes, you can customize colors and fonts — but you only get to see one word at a time as you type. That is one word, fullscreen, while you type. The experience is a bit trippy at first — after a few times through you start to see just why the developer wrote this app.

It’s not something that will make you focus better, or write better — it is a very unique app that is loads of fun to use. I have been testing the app for quite sometime now and have to say that I really do enjoy it — not for every writing moment — there are times though when it feels like the right tool for the job.

The app is available in the [app store]( for $4.99 (my copy was provided free), or you can hit the main link and see a video of the app in action and give a 7 day trial copy a go. I really recommend you give the trial a go, it’s pretty fun.

Posted by Ben Brooks