Thomas Hawk:
>Updating the operating system on your Android phone is a huge pain in the ass. In order to update my Samsung Galaxy Vibrant from the Eclair operating system to the Froyo operating system (keep in mind that Google’s working on honeycomb now apparently, which is two operating updates ahead of what I just updated to), I had to go through hell to get it done. No OTA for Samsung. No iTunes for Samsung. No, I had to manually find the file somewhere on the web on a confusing website, download it to a Windows machine (yes Windows only), and update my phone through a long confusing process.

Not to mention that Google has no naming convention that would tell you “Éclair” is older than “Froyo” — that alone would drive me nuts.

UPDATE: Thanks to everyone for pointing out that Android releases are done alphabetically, which is dumb. Why is it dumb? Industry standard is numbers because numbers make sense. What happens if you want to release an minor update, you get things like ‘Alpha Name + 2.2’ — because that is consumer friendly.

Posted by Ben Brooks