Leena Rao:
>Now, with the upgrade, merchants can send customers a link to download an app on their mobile phone called a Square Card Case. And this gives merchants a whole new level of engagement with their customers. And data is another big component of Square’s announcement—Dorsey says merchants will have Google Analytics style data that merchants can access, such as how many muffins were sold, and to which types of customers, and more.

Not only that but users will be able to pay without their credit card if they have paid with that merchant before — amazing.

The great thing about Square and the business they have carved out for themselves is that they are helping both the customers and the businesses — it’s essentially a win-win for both. That’s why it shouldn’t surprise you with how successful the service has been. Something like this makes sense for the one man stand and for a company like Starbucks to roll out.

Posted by Ben Brooks