Dick Costolo on the TweetDeck acquisition:

>This acquisition is an important step forward for us. TweetDeck provides brands, publishers, marketers and others with a powerful platform to track all the real-time conversations they care about. In order to support this important constituency, we will continue to invest in the TweetDeck that users know and love.

Translation: “We realize that ‘social media’ experts are a large customer base for Twitter.”

Here’s the TweetDeck founder and CEO Iain Dodsworth on [the TweetDeck blog](http://blog.tweetdeck.com/its-official-tweetdeck-has-been-acquired-by-t):

>I’d like to finish with a big thank-you to all our investors for their support and guidance over the past few years, especially Betaworks, TAG, SV Angel and PROfounders. And of course a huge congratulations to the whole TweetDeck team – I’m extremely proud of you and this is a huge win for us all.

>Time to celebrate!

Translation: “Money, money, MONAAAAY!”

Posted by Ben Brooks