So Google and other executives that know nothing about mail delivery and mostly just about advertising are getting together to talk USPS and see what they can think of doing to save it.

Ed O’Keefe notes:
>USPS anticipates losing about $7 billion during the fiscal year that ends in September and is in the process of eliminating 7,500 postmaster and administrative positions to save money.

There is a glaringly obvious solution here: raise postage prices. It is awesome that I can send a physical piece of paper from Seattle to New York for less than 50 cents, but that is also absurdly (and obviously unsustainably) cheap. Charge me $5 and we solve a bunch of problems.

1. Less junk mail means mail is more meaningful.
2. Higher revenues.
3. A little thing called “covering costs”.
4. Less mail sent means less paper used, which in turn is better for the environment.

I know this is overly simplified and that it would result in a lot of jobs lost — honestly though, no matter what you think, this is the only way to keep the USPS from being taxpayer funded — at a loss.

Posted by Ben Brooks