Microsoft is reaching out and asking for people to submit questions that they would like to hear Ballmer speak about:

>WPC 2011 is your event, and we would love to get your comments on topics you want to hear from Steve Ballmer, Microsoft’s CEO. Help us shape his 2011 WPC Keynote speech by leaving your requests below.
>Are you interested in learning how Microsoft is leading the industry transformation to the cloud? Or how Microsoft is committed to partner success? Is there something specific about the business vision, commitment, or consumerization of business that relates especially to you, the partner, which you want to hear Steve Ballmer speak to?

Here are some of my favorites that have already been posted:


>Dear Steve,
>I’m interested in Microsoft and your personal philanthropic activities pertaining to the Greater Seattle area. Can you please transform Key Arena into the Windows Media Center where Microsoft products can be showcased as well as being home for champion NBA and NHL teams?

Bill (for fun let’s say, Gates):

>I want to first thank you for all your efforts in keeping the Seattle Supersonics in Seattle where they belong. They have been gone for over three years, and nothing is being done. Is there any way you could bring up this vital issue? Microsoft could be a community sponsor like it is for the Seattle Storm Basketball team. Thanks so much!

Milton Huertas:
>Who in the company is in charge of product design? We have seen changes in design but still the products seems to lack an edge. What steps are you taking to have system folks and product design folks get together to create the future? I fear that MS may be in neutral similar to the Detroit car CEO’s and designers that produced – the Pinto, the Pacer, and other horrible products. Do you see MS stuck in neutral?

The hands down winner though is Perry Keithely:

>I’m concerned about you screwing up Skype.

Aren’t we all, Perry.

Posted by Ben Brooks