Claire Cain Miller:
>Photos might not even be a part of Color in the future, he said, though an engineer hired away from the computer-in-a-pen company Livescribe is working on ways for people to doodle on photos. Analysts are curious about whether Color can pull off a do-over — and whether it and other high-priced start-ups can beat the long odds that all fledgling companies face.

They received $41 million for a half-cocked idea around social photo something. They spent almost as much money on domain names as Instagram used to startup and actually make a useable product.

The quoted App Store review sums it all up:

>“It would be pointless even if I managed to understand how it works,” one reviewer wrote in the Apple App Store.

I don’t think that sums up just the app, but also: the company, the investors, and the “idea”.

Posted by Ben Brooks