5 Months of Customer Service Hell with HTC

Lucas Dailey writing about getting a replacement for his HTC EVO:

>It took over 5 months, between 18-22 long calls to HTC (and a few to Sprint), explaining the problem in great detail to maybe 10-15 people, and easily hundreds of hours without a working phone. All to fix a defective phone under warranty with HTC.

I don’t post this as a knock against Android, but as a knock against HTC — this is pitiful customer service. Compounding the issue is the odd warranty that makes the carrier responsible for the battery and the manufacturer responsible for the rest, I find that very odd.

The fact that it took a YouTube video to convince HTC that there was a problem — that shows a general lack of caring for your customers. Now THAT is something I can assure you I have never experienced with Apple (and yes I have worked with many problematic Macs with Apple).