Eric Slivka:
>The implications of an HSPA+ iPhone are significant in the United States, where Apple presently offers a separate CDMA iPhone running on Verizon. Even with both current models of the iPhone 4 limited to 3G networks, AT&T’s HSPA data network is already faster than Verizon’s EVDO data network. That disparity will be magnified with the next iPhone as AT&T users will be able to experience download speeds in the range of 5-10 Mbps under HSPA+ while users on Verizon will remain stuck on the carrier’s current 3G network running in the neighborhood of 1 Mbps.

I don’t doubt that Apple wants to put in a faster wireless chip, but I do doubt that they would ever market the two iPhone models as having different theoretical download speeds. I *really* doubt it.

So if Apple does do this, don’t expect them to say anything about it.

Posted by Ben Brooks