Month: July 2011



  • The New Home Button on the iPhone 5 (Allegedly)

    Dan Provost on the rumored iPhone 5 home button redesign: >The home button is special. In it’s purest form, it is not used to manipulate what is happening on the screen, but to manipulate the apps themselves (in most cases, closing them and returning to the home screen). His entire post is worth a read […]

  • Quote of the Day: Allison Arieff

    “When’s the last time you had a creative breakthrough in a Monday morning meeting? Creativity springs from unexpected places and sources — from a walk in the park to the rare block of uninterrupted time — so thinking more broadly about the intrinsic motivations (autonomy, learning, etc.) that facilitate good work is likely to have […]

  • AT&T to Implement Data Throttling in Early October

    Cleve Nettles: >Rumored to be starting in the first week of October, we’ve heard that AT&T will start throttling the data speeds of the network’s top data hogs. Sure AT&T is spotty and not great as a company, but if done correctly (and it sounds as though it will be) it should help out the […]

  • Brew Review

    My thanks to the Brew Review for sponsoring the RSS feed this week. If you are a beer drinker that constantly forgets which beers he likes (let’s face it there are a lot of micro brews out there) then this is an app you need. It has a tons of features for the beer obsessed […]

  • It Just Doesn’t Work

    Harry McCracken: >All of which brings me back to Apple. Heaven knows, it often ships products that don’t include all the features an average consumer might want. But even when its products don’t “just work” in a way that feels practically mystical, they do work. What does it say about the state of the tech […]

  • Twitter’s Adam Bain Talks Promoted Tweets in Timelines

    MG Siegler interviewing Adam Bain about Twitter’s promoted tweets in timelines: >When I ask about the importance of exclusivity for the deals Twitter is offering (that is, will only Twitter get to offer them?), Bain says that it’s important to note that Promoted Tweets aren’t just about deals or offers — he doesn’t want this […]

  • Page Speed Service

    An interesting project from Google to try and speed up the web for the entire world — for free. There are some real concerns with allowing Google to do that, but as any nerd I was more interested in how much faster they could make TBR. [Here are the results]( ((Don’t see myself using it […]

  • Quickly Changing Volume on a Password Protected iPhone

    So clever. Addresses one of my biggest iOS annoyances — well at the very least makes it less frustrating.

  • Broadband Performance Study Finds Huge Regional Disparities in US

    Ryan Paul: >Comcast had the highest average download speed at 890KBps and Verizon came in second with 788KBps. A separate comparison of mobile broadband providers found that AT&T was the fastest at 416KBps and Verizon was the slowest of the major providers at 216KBps. My own usage agrees with the above, with one major caveat: […]

  • How I Evaluate and Decide to Purchase New iOS Apps

    My mind was wandering the other day and I began trying to figure out why some of my favorite iOS apps aren’t in the top rated sections of the App Stores. First a note: All of this is based off of my own perceptions and experiences — coupled with my observations of other users. There […]

  • MacBook Airs and ‘Storage’ Sizes

    Sorry for linking to myself here, but since saying the MacBook Pro 13″ makes no sense I have had a deluge of emails and tweets. Two common arguments I am hearing are: RAM and storage space. The RAM limitation is legitimate and 4GB versus 8GB *is* a huge difference. However I stand by this (which […]

  • Quote of the Day: John Gruber

    “It’s a corrupting revenue model.” — John Gruber

  • Mariners ‘Peanut Man’ Rick Kaminski

    [Sad news today](!/king5seattle/status/96276328705302528) that ‘Peanut Man’ Rick Kaminski of the Seattle Mariners has passed away. He has been a highlight of Mariners games for years now, I am linking not to the story of his passing, but to a video highlighting his skills. He will be missed. Update:[ A note from Mariners president Chuck Armstrong]( […]

  • The 13″ MacBook Pro’s Place

    Stephen M. Hackett commenting on the 13″ MacBook Pro’s position: >This machine is a great cross between power and portability. Pros need FireWire 800, Ethernet and more onboard. I know I can’t live with an Air as my primary machine at work. Because nothing screams pro like: [Supported resolutions: 1280 by 800 (native)]( If you […]

  • Ryan Cash on Online Newpapers

    >Welcome to the Internet – a place where physical pages don’t exist, and there’s no such thing as “no space left”. So true.

  • Mad Men on Netflix Instant Streaming

    It’s a fantastic show. Now is the time to catch up. Also, Netflix, your instant streaming selection is rather poor — Mad Men makes up for it somewhat, but we both know you can do better.

  • This Is Why Your Newspaper Is Dying

    Number 1 and number 7 drive me nuts.

  • Why Microsoft Won’t Dump Bing

    Bing is integrated everywhere in Microsoft products, so it *is* unlikely that they would fire sale Bing. Though the whole search ‘on your TV with Kinect’ component — that sounds “fun”. ((Also gotta love the 1995 era design on this site.))

  • The B&B Podcast – Episode 20: MacBook Airs

    In this episode Shawn and I mostly talk about his new MacBook Air and FileVault. We also touch on some pre-holiday Apple launches and I talk about the degrading quality of our Skype connection — even though as a listener you won’t hear it… Thanks to the fantastic [Fantastical]( for sponsoring.

  • Face Detection Software and API Land in iOS 5

    Mark Gurman: >Apple is not specifically planning to launch an iOS 5 application that relies on their face detection technology, but plans to do something much more important. Open up facial recognition as a public developer API for iOS 5 applications. I bet Apple does use face detection in one of their most prominent apps […]