Month: July 2011



  • Transparent Lithium-Ion Batteries Make Sci-Fi Gadgets a Reality

    This is cool, but it would be way cooler if they had a green meter on them that made the batteries look like they had liquid in them. Thus you can visually see the battery draining — although this is not as useful as a clear battery. ((This is why I am not in charge…

  • Mac OS X Lion Login Passwords Extracted With Ease

    Isn’t it fun when a new version of Mac OS X comes out and you get to learn about all these security companies that you never heard of before? Not really, but Mike Lennon reports on a possible vulnerability in 10.6 and 10.7: >The Mac OS vulnerability relates to user login passwords that are stored…

  • Kobo, WSJ Halt Direct Sales on Apple-Device Apps

    By Jeffrey A. Trachtenberg And Russell Adams reporting: >In a pair of moves that suggest Apple Inc. is enforcing rules for selling content on its devices, Kobo Inc., the Canadian e-book retailer, and The Wall Street Journal said Sunday they will no longer sell content directly to customers through their apps for Apple devices. [I…

  • Hide Reading List in Safari’s Bookmarks Bar

    Great tip.

  • McDonalds Wi-Fi Guide


  • Quote of the Day: Mike Elgan

    “For those of you under the age of 25, a magazine is a blog made out of trees” — Mike Elgan

  • Google

    Robert Scoble relaying a conversation he had with Google VP Vic Gundotra about some of the problems Google+ has right now: >He says it isn’t about real names. He says he isn’t using his legal name here. He says, instead, it is about having common names and removing people who spell their names in weird…

  • [SPONSOR] Brew Review

    Brew Review is an iPhone app that helps you rate and track the beers you taste in your own personal beer journal. Ratings are made from a hand picked list of qualities, so it’s easy to capture the details you want to remember, such as the flavors and aromas or the intensity of the hops…

  • Why Google Cares if You Use Your Real Name

    Dave Winer on why Google cares if you use a *real* name for Google Plus: >And to give them information about what you do on the Internet, without obfuscation of pseudonyms. It’s about the greenbacks…

  • When Statistics Are Not Helpful

    Dave Cameron, perhaps my favorite baseball writer, informing readers of his diagnosis of Acute Myeloid Leukemia: >Statistics can be powerful, useful tools, and at times, they can be critical to understanding what to do. Other times, though, they’re useless, and so, for this situation, I say screw the data; I choose hope instead. Thoughts and…

  • What’s Going on With the Wall Street Journal and Apple?

    There is certainly something going on between the two lately. Whether Murdoch is pulling the strings or not, we can only speculate. It’s sad that in my eyes the WSJ is slowly losing credibility. It’s fine to report news and speculation — that’s the medias job (self-appointed as it may be) — but the timing…

  • Microsoft’s Online Business for the Year: Over $2.5 Billion …Lost

    Mg Siegler: >And then there is the biggest number of all. For the year, the Online Services Division lost .557 billion. He also notes that the division has been losing money for 6 years now and that the losses have been getting worse not better. He also notes: >Don’t overlook another crazy stat: Microsoft was…

  • AnandTech on FileVault Performance

    AnandTech does a nice job of breaking down the performance hits you get with FileVault. They note a 20-30% hit in performance, but I am hear to tell you that I haven’t noticed any such slow downs and some of their tests seem a bit unrealistic to me. Their tests are things that an average…

  • Palimpsest for iPad

    My thanks to Palimpsest for sponsoring the RSS feed for this week, be sure that thank them too by checking out the app. If you are a fan of long-form articles then this is the app for you. Palimpsest is a very interesting take on reading — it’s not an app that you curate, it’s an…

  • Some Additional Lion Thoughts

    One thing that is hard about writing a review for yet-to-be-released software is there are only a handful of people that have used the software and typically those people are all geeks. This means that somethings, perhaps important things, get missed or are simply lacking in ‘coverage’. I don’t care to read every review of…

  • Google Says It Rejected $100 Million Java Deal From Sun in Patent Trial

    The more I learn/read about this Oracle-Google spat the more I think Google stands to pay a large chunk of cash to Oracle. Right or wrong it sounds like Google stands to lose this one.

  • Americanisms: 50 of Your Most Noted Examples

    The BBC: >50. “I could care less” instead of “I couldn’t care less” has to be the worst. Opposite meaning of what they’re trying to say. Jonathan, Birmingham This one drives me nuts — [Dan Benjamin]( needs to take note of this. The rest are pretty funny (just to see what bugs those silly Brits).

  • Quote of the Day: John Gruber

    “The iPad didn’t enter the tablet market. It created the tablet market.” — John Gruber

  • Excellent New Slang

    MG Siegler has an awesome new term for some of the ‘individuals’ we find on the Internet.

  • 2011 MacBook Air – Early Benchmarks

    Eyeballing it the 2011 i7 MacBook Air looks about twice as fast as the top of the line 2010 MacBook Air. Damned impressive.