MG Siegler:
>For the rest of this month, I’m not going to respond to any emails. None.

Who hasn’t wanted to do this? This blog generates about 75% of all emails that I get. At first I responded to 99% of all emails that I received and I did so with as much care as time allotted. Just over a month ago I was pretty fed up with responding to emails, so I stopped.

I didn’t stop reading emails, I just stopped responding to 95% of them. I feel like a dick when I don’t respond, but I also know that by not responding I have more time for other things and I am happier because of it.

I still read 70% of the email that I get, but I don’t feel guilty if I don’t read it. I do however read 100% of @replies that I get on Twitter — so you do have that option if you luck out getting in touch with me (well for as long as I remain on Twitter).

Kudos to MG, I may not be far behind — I have long desired to make Twitter the only way you can “comment”.

Posted by Ben Brooks