Ed Sutherland:
>Translation: the patents are all aimed at hobbling Android, which along with Apple has eaten telecom veterans such as BlackBerry-maker RIM for breakfast, lunch and dinner. “The consortium will go out and seek to make a return by prosecuting the other people, particularly the Android camp,” predicts one analyst.

Sorry I don’t buy this thinking for one second. The people Behind this purchase (mainly Apple) isn’t out to sue the pants off of any one — they don’t need to because they are already winning. This is a defensive move, it is a move that says: suing us for patent B.S. would be a very bad idea.

Sutherland sums it up nicely:

>As Apple and Android fight for smartphone marketshare, the Nortel patent library may become important as the struggle potentially moves from retail shelves into courtrooms.

I for one am glad that these analysts that get quoted aren’t running things.

Posted by Ben Brooks