A great article by Shawn on the (still) miserable state of magazine apps on the iPad. I subscribe to a bunch of them, but my favorite app to read in is Instapaper — every time. It’s more than the design, it’s the function and the content.

I know that what’s in Instapaper is something that I want to read — that I chose to read. I know that everything will look great and the same. I know that it will download stupidly fast over 3G and so I never worry about “updating” it before I leave.

Print is dead, Instapaper is the new print. Shawn seems to want better magazine apps, I just want better integration with Instapaper, let the magazine layout become a novelty.


>And while I appreciate the customization and care surrounding each article found in *Wired* or *The New Yorker*, wouldn’t it be something if the magazine industry took a few cues from Instapaper and Reeder?

Again I subscribe to a ton of magazines, I’d much prefer to just send a few of those magazine articles to Instapaper, because honesty there aren’t any publications left that I find worth reading from cover to cover. I’d argue a smart publisher might find a way to make Instapaper its iPad app. Admittedly, that probably would be too cutting edge for publishers.

Posted by Ben Brooks