Rocky Agrawal commenting on social networks:
>Paradoxically, the extent to which the constraints of Twitter stifle conversation helped its growth. Because real conversation is hard using Twitter (vs. just tweeting out your own story) there isn’t the expectation that people will engage with you in it. Because tweets disappear as the firehose continues to gush, it’s easier to ignore them.

And a bit later:

>The current Google+ interface would be less appealing to celebrities, because the interface is designed to invite conversation and engagement.

That seems to be the main problem that I have with Google+ ((And yes, I have now joined up on Google+ so that I can accurately comment on it.)) , I don’t like being forced — or feeling obligated — into responding to people. It gets me into trouble many places (Twitter, Email, voice mails), but at the end of the day I don’t have the time, care, or concern to give a proper response ((Anything less is not worth responding)) to everyone that pings me — it’s not something I say with pride and unfortunately is a ‘humble brag’, but I don’t know how else to explain it.

I’ll have more thoughts on Google+ this week…

Posted by Ben Brooks