Shawn Blanc speculating on the Amazon Tablet:
>If Amazon is going to make an inexpensive device that is backed by their brand and ecosystem, then why not make a better Kindle rather than a crappy tablet?

Shawn poses some very interesting questions and thoughts. That said I think he is wrong about the iPad 3 (or any iPad with a retina display) obviating the need for a dedicated reader like a Kindle.

Reason being that there are three (main) advantages that the Kindle has over the iPad (from my perspective as a Kindle owner):

1. Non-backlit screen.
2. Weight
3. Weight

To my eyes the resolution is a wash between the Kindle 2 and the iPad 2 — perhaps the Kindle 3 is better, but I doubt that this is the main concern. The Kindle screen looks like paper because it is reflective — not in the way that the iPad’s screen is reflective — and that makes a huge difference when you are reading and for the overall “feel” of the reader.

The biggest factor that makes me prefer my Kindle to the iPad? The weight, my arms don’t get tired and I can read laying in bed with the Kindle above my head — no problems.

*Now* having said all that there is one important distinction to be made: converting potential-iPad users and converting Kindle users. An iPad with a retina display would likely steer owners of neither device more towards the iPad, if they were even considering the iPad to begin with. However, if you are talking about converting a Kindle user to being an iPad user — you will need more than a retina display.

That said: retina display iPad please.

Posted by Ben Brooks