Bruce Schneier on the TSA decision not to screen pilots:
>But the TSA isn’t in a position to screen pilots; all they can decide to do is to not screen people who are in pilot uniforms with pilot IDs. And it’s far safer to just screen everybody than to trust that TSA agents will be able figure out who is a real pilot and who is someone just pretending to be a pilot.

I don’t have a problem with the idea of the TSA — I have a problem with the hiring standards to become a TSA agent. ((For example: I searched through the job openings for a basic screener with the TSA. No where in there are basic educational requirements. Basically you need to be a citizen, pass a basic background check and pass a TSA training course. I may be elitist in saying this, but those that are protecting our air travel — well — I just think they should be required to at least have an Associates Degree, at least.))

Posted by Ben Brooks