Khoi Vinh:
>So our phones are the devices reflect us as individuals, while iPads seem to be the devices reflect our closest relationships. This is where I think it’s more accurate to think of the iPad as not just a post-PC device, but as harbinger of a post-personal flavor of computing, one that is more perhaps cooperative, and more open as a user experience.

I get what Vinh is saying and I even slightly agree with it, but I think as time moves on that the iPad will not take the “post-personal” route. I think that it is far more likely that the iPad follows the same path as the phone. The phone started by being rare, then one per household, then one per room (or a few cordless models), the one cellphone per family, then per car, now one (or more) per person.

If the iPad is the new computing paradigm it would seem far more logical — to me — that it would follow a similar path.

Posted by Ben Brooks