W.J. Hennigan reporting on last weeks Predator Drone virus:

The Air Force shot down those claims, saying the virus “in question is a credential stealer, not a keylogger, found routinely on computer networks and is considered more of a nuisance than an operational threat. It is not designed to transmit data or video, nor is it designed to corrupt data, files or programs on the infected computer.”

Guys, guys, calm down. They aren’t logging anything — they’re just stealing our top secret credentials. No big deal.

And later:

[…] Cook said the Air Force continues to strengthen cyber defenses, “using the latest anti-virus software and other methods to protect Air Force resources and assure our ability to execute Air Force missions.

Before we didn’t see the need to pay for this years version of Norton, but we now see why we need that. The update should be done in 3 mins and 37 seconds.

Posted by Ben Brooks