I have been wanting one of these little guys for a long time, but ~$29 — come on. For $11.60? Hells yeah.

So I bought one about a month back, it was great move. Here are some of the scenarios that I have used or for, or are planning on using it for:

– Taking to a coffee shop when I know I will need to charge my MacBook Air (helps to split the outlet to share the love).
– Every time I travel. Doubles as my iPhone charger and to help with the general lack of power outlets everywhere I go.
– Conferences. (see: Coffee Shops)

It’s a handy thing to have, doesn’t weigh much, and is decently compact (when in your bag, quite bulky on the outlet). Again, I would have kept living life without it but at $11.60 it is hard to go wrong.

**UPDATED**: You can only charge one iPhone at a time (I am told), and you cannot charge an iPad, off the USB ports.

Posted by Ben Brooks