Dave Caolo on one of the biggest annoyances of Photo Stream under iOS 5:

>What’s worse is that you can’t delete such throwaway photos from your Photo Stream with an iDevice. Instead, you’ve got to visit icloud.com and click “Reset Photo Stream,” which nukes the lot, good and bad. That’s why I’ve started using Camera+ again for tweeting pictures.

During the developer betas this bugged the crap out of me — I hate(d) not being able to delete photos that don’t “belong” in the Photo Stream. Because of that I completely get where Dave is coming from, but I must admit that having used it for so long I decided to not worry about it — that’s done wonders for me.

I bought an iPhone with tons of storage because I don’t want to have to think about such things as which photo app to use for each scenario I find myself in. To me, it’s worth the price of admission.

Sure, it’s a couple hundred bucks more for 64GB, but that’s a couple hundred bucks that means I don’t have to worry about such things as space for Photos and circumventing Photo Stream. It’s a couple hundred bucks that gives me all the convenience in the world and none of the hassle.

The ability to delete photos from the Photo Stream was a popular thing to file a bug report about during the betas and Apple still chose not to enable it — the problem is that if you delete a photo from the Photo Stream, should that photo also be deleted from all devices that downloaded it? And if so, then what do you do when a user *wanted* that photo to stay on a particular device?

So Apple went the Apple way: make it painful for edge cases and perfect for the average user.

Posted by Ben Brooks