Dr. Drang:

>If iMessage offered significant extra features, I might see some value in it. Allowing a conversation to jump between an iPhone and an iPad, is a nice feature, but since I don’t have an iPad, it means nothing to me.

I have to disagree with him on iMessage, because I think it is actually a very interesting feature. Texting is much bigger among the younger crowd and guess what, it is expensive — so are iPhones. An iPod touch, or an old iPhone with iMessage becomes a great, inexpensive, option for the younger crowd. Sure it would need wifi, but that’s not overly hard anymore.

And why turn it off, it’s not like there is anything detrimental to keeping iMessage turned on.

Overall iMessage isn’t a feature that is going to change the world, but if you family and friends are all iPhone users (increasingly more likely), it’s a very nice tool to have.

Posted by Ben Brooks