Brent Simmons on the current, rather precarious, position that Google is putting RSS readers in with the possibility of killing of the syncing of feeds via unofficial APIs:
>I’m not an RSS reader developer any more. But if I were, I’d start looking for an alternative syncing system right now.

I’m not either, but I am worried about this. Simmons makes the excellent comparison that right now RSS readers are a lot like Twitter clients:

>It’s been an especially good thing for RSS reader users, who can mix-and-match clients on different platforms, who can move with relative ease between one client and another. (The situation is similar to Twitter clients: users are not stuck with one client from one particular developer.)

It’s what makes it so easy for me to stay up to date with news no matter the device I am on. If all of a sudden I have to be “locked-in” to one system you can bet it will be Reeder — and that really sucks for other developers as I will have no way to easily try their apps.

Posted by Ben Brooks