[Speaking of crappy hotel WiFi](http://brooksreview.net/2011/10/3g-macbooks/), Joe Sharkey asks why it sucks:

>Largely because of the broad use of iPads and other mobile tablets, which are heavy users of video streaming, the guest room Wi-Fi networks that most hotels thought they had brought up to standard just a few years ago are now often groaning under user demands.


>The iPad represents the “final nail in the coffin” for the idea that all Internet is free, Mr. Garrison said.

then, later:

>“It’s about managing that bandwidth,” Mr. Garrison added. “We’re not saying that free Internet as you know it today is dead. We’re saying that a hotel owner will have to decide what free should be. I could have a free option, for a limited level of service, but charge for higher levels of demand.”

Sounds a lot like blaming the iPad for hotels not being prepared to meet the demand. “Sir I am sorry your shower was cold, we just didn’t think everyone would be showering in the morning.”

Posted by Ben Brooks