Speaking of crappy hotel WiFi, Joe Sharkey asks why it sucks:

Largely because of the broad use of iPads and other mobile tablets, which are heavy users of video streaming, the guest room Wi-Fi networks that most hotels thought they had brought up to standard just a few years ago are now often groaning under user demands.


The iPad represents the “final nail in the coffin” for the idea that all Internet is free, Mr. Garrison said.

then, later:

“It’s about managing that bandwidth,” Mr. Garrison added. “We’re not saying that free Internet as you know it today is dead. We’re saying that a hotel owner will have to decide what free should be. I could have a free option, for a limited level of service, but charge for higher levels of demand.”

Sounds a lot like blaming the iPad for hotels not being prepared to meet the demand. “Sir I am sorry your shower was cold, we just didn’t think everyone would be showering in the morning.”

Posted by Ben Brooks