The linked post isn’t particularly mind blowing in any sense. What is interesting to me is all the frameworks and tools that are popping up to re-flow websites based on the screen size of the device being used. For the most part I think they all suck, because it is just a set of rules that allows someone else to drop in their content.

All of these frameworks look amazing with the examples given, but one must remember that these examples were made to look great on the framework. Every site should have its own framework for flowing differently based on screen size, because every site’s goal is different. And it’s not that challenging.

On the one hand I love the idea of the site changing based on my screen, but not every site. The goal shouldn’t be “make the site work on all screen sizes with responsive design”, it should be make the site work on all screen sizes, period. Responsive design should be used (added?) as a way to enhance a site on a smaller screen, offering the visitor an even better experience than what they would have otherwise received.

The danger with responsive designs is that there is no option to go back to the “full site”. That can be very annoying to users if proper care was not taken in the implementation.

Posted by Ben Brooks