At my office we go through paper shredders like crazy. If the mechanism itself doesn’t break then it ends up getting busted by vacuums and other things that shouldn’t break them, but do. I had a shredder at my house for a long time that I hated to use. I mean I hated the shredder so much that I hit it a couple of times with a hammer when I finally threw it out.


I went on Amazon and read about all sorts of shredders under $100 (my price threshold of laziness versus privacy) and it seems every shredder has mixed reviews. This shredder had more good than bad so I went for it.

Now my first shredder broke after a week of use — keep in mind I only shredded a few things with it before it broke.

This shredder is still working after a month. That’s like amazing to me. It is even working so well that I tend to actually enjoy shredding things instead of loathing the eventual repairs that my old shredder insisted upon.

12 sheets at a time? Sure. Really that means you can shred credit card offers without opening the envelope.

Is this super secure shredding? Nope, but not everyone shreds stuff — so why would a person waste their time trying to reassemble my bank statements instead of walking to the next can of garbage?

Is this shredder never going to break? No it will. But for $67 and change I can afford to replace it when it does.

So, if like me, you hate these little bastard shredders and the identity thieves that make them necessary — hey this Royal 112MX ain’t so bad.

Posted by Ben Brooks