Shawn Blanc:
>But who says the Kindle has to replace the iPad? It’s not uncommon for people to own both. I know people who use their Kindle and their iPad. Of course, I also know others who abandoned their Kindle back in April 2010.

>For me, I can see the Kindle becoming the reading device I keep on the coffee table and take on vacations. But, if I’m going to head out the door and am going to take just one device, you can bet it’ll be the iPad.

I have always liked my Kindle 2, but what Shawn says here is really accurate. You have to be devoted to reading to find a use for a Kindle after you get an iPad — the iPad is far more useful and typically closer to you than your Kindle ever is.

So while I love Kindles, and own a Kindle, they are pretty well unused in my home.

Posted by Ben Brooks