Eliot Van Buskirk writes that the app called ‘gMusic’ (allowing you to play Amazon cloud stored music on the iPhone) was pulled from iTunes. The reason cited was: “legal issues with the music industry.”

I am not sure if Buskirk intentionally is trying to say that competition is partly to blame for the app getting pulled, or not, but it certainly sounds like that is what he is implying.

>However, separating music clouds from their mega-sized motherships turns them into commodities. If you can use all three of these music clouds with the same phone just by tapping a different app, you’re unlikely to develop an exclusive reliance on one or the other, which is what each of these companies hopes will happen […]

The assumption being that Apple wants everyone using iTunes Match and not Google or Amazon for cloud storage.

If that was the case I doubt Apple would have even approved these apps. My guess is that there really were legal issues — one reason it took Apple so long to get in the music stored in the cloud business, and still won’t offer streaming, is the inane restrictions labels impose.

Posted by Ben Brooks