Chris Bowler on the Fusion blog:

>As of today, Fusion Ads is now under the ownership of BuySellAds.

I’ve debated most of the morning about posting this, but it really is bugging me so I decided to post about it. I didn’t find out about this until last night when Chris (no longer with Fusion) emailed me. I like Chris a lot and trust him, not true of BuySellAds because I don’t know them.

As of this writing (10:43a PT) I have yet to hear from BuySellAds — they haven’t contacted me and that doesn’t bode well for them in my book, how can we have a business relationship without communication?

I love Fusion, and the people in the network, they have all been great to me. As with any major change or buyout in the industry I am interested in how the buyer handles the purchase, so far I am not impressed.

Who do I even contact at Fusion now?

I don’t know because no one has told me, that’s not good business.

*(I post this full well knowing it may comprise my arrangement with Fusion. I post this knowing most don’t care. I post this, as with everything else, because I see something happening that I need/want to comment on.)*

**UPDATED**: There’s a bit of confusion, I was told about the sale before it happened (last night) and it was Chris who told me. My complaint is that I have yet to hear from anyone at BSA about this — still. The old Fusion told me this was happening, but the New Fusion has yet to contact me.

**UPDATED** (on Nov 3, 2011 at 13:07): I have been contacted.

Posted by Ben Brooks