Brett Kelly reviewing Stamped:
>The “like” function is a little weird to me. I get that they wanted to add a way for people to give feedback on a stamp without having to stamp it themselves, but the UI for this feature feels like an afterthought, particularly since (near as I can tell) there’s no way to see who liked a given item other than in the little news ticker thingie.

I am with him, the like functionality not only seems like an afterthought, but runs counter to the idea behind stamped. What’s the difference between liking and Stamping something if they both actually mean that you, well, like something? I, for one, think ‘likes’ should be removed.

That said I absolutely am addicted to Stamped right now.

Kelly also notes that the To-Do function is a great idea and I would have to agree. Whereas with other apps the To-Do stuff seems silly, with stamped it seems really neat — especially if it does get an API. Could be great fun there.

Give Stamped a try if you haven’t already, because at the very least it has a great icon.

Posted by Ben Brooks