Khoi Vinh on why Mixel went with requiring a Facebook login:

>But to sum up quickly: the reason we use Facebook login is that it lets us build the Mixel community around real names. This is by far the most important element of Facebook for us, and the document explains why.

That seems like a cop-out of an answer to me. The fact is that you can build the same type of community around real names and completely leave out any other social network. I understand completely what he is trying to say, but assuming that Facebook names are any more “real” than names anywhere else on the Internet is a bit naive.

I don’t like this explanation one bit, and perhaps the decision is for the best with Mixel, but I just don’t see Facebook helping in any other way than spurring more users.

The fact is, as a user, it is just easier to sign in with your Facebook login than it is to register for yet “another new service.” If the Mixel folks just came out and said: “Look, using a Facebook login really helps grow our user base fast and helps to encourage people to share it on Facebook — thus getting us more users — that’s why we use it.” I would have been fine with that, because it seems more honest to me.

There’s also a [more in-depth](, but equally unsatisfying Q&A on the Mixel site about their use of Facebook logins.

Posted by Ben Brooks