Bryan Gruley and Cliff Edwards writing about Sony and its CEO Stringer for Businessweek:
>Jeff Loff, a senior analyst with Macquarie Capital Securities in Tokyo, points out that Sony sells nine different 46-inch TV models in the U.S. and its mobile-phone joint venture with Ericsson offers more than 40 handsets. “Can you imagine how dilutive that is to your R&D?” he says. A Sony spokesman says the number of phones is being reduced, and notes that Samsung has 15 different 46-inch TVs.

This article does a great job to spell out what’s wrong with Sony and why Stringer should not be in charge — though the Stringer bit I don’t think is the point of the article.

I also can’t help but wonder if this isn’t the rabbit hole that Google is heading down. Both are engineer focused and create a wide range of products and in Google’s case are continuing to move farther away from their profit center.

Posted by Ben Brooks