A good overview on choosing a survival knife. I like the knife that is shown, but I like the ones that I have better.

I am a huge fan of SOG knives, here are the three survival knives that I have from them:

[NW Ranger](http://sogknives.com/store/S240.html) is by far my favorite and according to other [reviews](http://www.woodsmonkey.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=527:sog-northwest-ranger-review&catid=34:knives&Itemid=55) it is full tang. The version I have is an earlier one that is partially serrated — now that they make one that is not serrated I will be getting that too.
[Fixation Bowie Knife](http://sogknives.com/store/FX-01.html) I got a great deal on Woot one day. It’s nice, but damn is it heavy.
[Field Pup](http://sogknives.com/store/FP3.html) is a really great knife. Small and light, but still full tang — start here. This is the knife I take on day hikes because of how light it is. (Note the steel grade is not as high as the NW Ranger, which is why I prefer the Ranger as an actual survival knife.)

Either way, SOG makes some great stuff and good prices — I am a big fan.

[via an email from reader Myer]

Posted by Ben Brooks