Winer has liked the Fire since the day he got it. Taking a look through his points I get the sense that there are two main things that he likes:

1. The smaller size. That’s a real plus of the device because it *is* easier to have at the ready and to use when trying to hold the device from extended periods without support (reading, movies).
2. That the little issues the device has will go away in updates.

While I disagree with the first reason, I can completely see how it is appealing for many people — just not me. I prefer a bigger screen over the smaller screen.

Lastly the second reason is kinda crazy. You are banking on liking the device *if and when* Amazon does something to make it better. I am just not sure the jerky animations will every be a software fix and I think that goes for a lot of the issues that I have with the Fire — including the lack of a volume hardware button.

I think it is more likely that the Fire 2.0 looks way better.

One last note: Winer said that he still uses the iPad for Words with Friends, Email, and web browsing but doesn’t know why. I do, well for two of them:

1. The keyboard on the Fire sucks for writing, also the email client sucks.
2. The web browser on the Fire is terrible, not so on the iPad.

What he still uses the iPad for are things that the iPad is simply better for.

Posted by Ben Brooks