Andrew Coward, the Carrier IQ’s VP of marketing in an interview with a site:

> As we went and did a deep dive into our technology to prove to consumers that there is nothing untoward in it, we found a bug. We found that if an SMS was sent simultaneously while a user is on the phone, the SMS would be captured by our software. Obviously, this is something that doesn’t happen very often, but we discovered that it could happen, and we caught it. Now, that information was never used. It wasn’t decoded. It sat on a server in encoded format, and no one could really get to it.

Translation: “It’s not our fault that we shot you. We just happened to be holding a loaded gun, which just happened to be pointing at you, which just accidentally went off. Don’t worry we put the gun down and wiped it clean of our finger prints.”

Meaning: Chill, it was an accident.

Posted by Ben Brooks