Some Knife Follow-Up

After posting the [review]( of the SOG Fielder I have gotten a few questions that all seem to be the same. So I wanted to take a quick moment to answer these.

### Why don’t you have a cooler knife?

A lot of you have shared your favorite knives with me and I love that — thank you. I do have a lot of knives already, but I chose to review the Fielder because it was my latest addition.

Some have asked about spring assisted knives. I have never had one of these (at least the type I assume most are talking about), but I do have some knives that have the [SOG assisted technology]( on them. That assisted technology is fantastic without being dangerous and I really recommend it.

### What is your every day carry knife?

I carry an [SOG Flash I partially serrated]( knife everyday. It has the assisted technology that I love and is very lightweight while being cheap enough to replace if I lose/break it.

One thing that I want to point out is the partially serrated blade. I normally would’t choose this, but did so because a lot of the time I cut twine and zip ties during the day. The serration really helps slice through those with ease.

For most people I would go with a standard, non-serrated, blade.

### What do you carry camping?

Unfortunately I don’t have a very straightforward answer for you on this one. So instead here’s how I decide:

– **Day Hikes**: For simple day hikes I will typically carry just a large folding pocket knife. The [SOG Trident]( to be specific. This is true unless I know the particular area I will be hiking in is very remote. If I know the hike with be very remote (as in I can’t walk back to civilization in a few hours time) then I will add in a light weight fixed blade knife. Typically that will be the [SOG Field Pup](
– **Camping**: If I am just going car camping, or camping not too far from civilization, then it will be the same kit as above with the Field Pup. Typically if my wife is with me she will take my everyday carry knife as her knife. This is more for my peace of mind than for her to use.
– **Backpacking**: When I go backpacking (i.e. I strap a heavy backpack on my back and really get away) I will take the Trident and the [SOG NW Ranger]( with me. ((I have an older model that has a partially serrated blade, but I much prefer the new model.)) This is my go to survival knife right now, but I am getting a new knife that may replace it.

The one knife I have that I really never use or take with me is the [SOG Fixation Bowie]( It’s just too damned big and heavy.

I hope this answered your question.

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