Ben Kunz is trying for that honor with two choice passages in his latest piece of … article:

Jobs’s quote is good advice for his successor as chief executive officer, Tim Cook, who needs a hit.

Clearly Cook needs a hit to turn around the flailing Apple since Jobs’ passing. Clearly. It’s not like Apple is, I don’t know, the most valuable company or anything. ((Ok so when I wrote this Apple’s market cap was below Exxon’s. Which clearly invalidates everything I say here. Clearly. So how about we just agree that I meant Tech company.))


Could Apple put holograms in every home, break the stranglehold of cable companies, and unlock a $14 billion TV revenue stream? It’s an audacious and perhaps crazy idea.

Sounds like a joke, but then Kunz follows it up with:

Tim Cook, I like the way you think.

Oh goodness. Anyone who thinks that Apple will enter the TV market by just competing on a feature basis — which is what a hologram TV would be — is an idiot in my book.

Does anyone even want a hologram TV? I mean a Holodeck, hell yes, but hologram? That’s so 1980.

Posted by Ben Brooks