Paul Miller pens a post on *The Verge* about UI issues that bug him on Mac OS X and Windows. He brings up some really good points if you can ignore the incredibly distracting animated GIFs. He points out the wizard nature of the Windows Control Panel and how it always assumes you are looking at the screen for the first time.

He talks about how bad Address Book and iCal are on the Mac.

He also has some idiotic points about not needing window shadows — umm yeah we don’t need them, but we also like for our UI to not look like shit.

Then Miller completely discredits everything he said in his post when he writes:

>In my personal quest to escape the condescension, I recently switched my Windows 7 install over to the “Classic Theme,” which is basically Windows 95 incarnate, just with all the under-the-hood improvements I’ve come to rely on. I really like it. It feels right, and if it isn’t beautiful, at least it’s honest.

No, Paul, it’s hideous and I no longer trust your opinion about any design and UI related topics — you undermined your entire article, which I was largely agreeing with, with your last paragraph. (The animated GIFs really should have tipped me off.)

Posted by Ben Brooks