Thord Daniel Hedengren refuting my [anti-styli sentiment](
>Or to put it this way, the iPad styluses are more like felt pens and have very little in common with whatever you got with your old smartphone, your Nintendo DS, or your old school table PC.

I get the argument for using a stylus with the iPad — I truly do. My actual problem though is that the iPad wasn’t made for such an input and as hard as app developers, and stylus makers, try they can’t force a stylus to seem integral on the iPad.

Marco Arment was most accurate with his description of the stylus problem is [his review]( of the Cosmonaut:

>Most styli with the traditional shape encourage you to hold them the same way you’d hold a pen: firmly and close to the tip. This often causes your hand to inadvertently rest on the screen, confusing the input to the app and often resulting in errors. The Cosmonaut’s size and shape encourage you to hold it the same way you’d hold a dry-erase marker when writing on a whiteboard: further up the barrel, with a loose grip, and with your hand floating far above the screen.

That’s what intrigues me about the Cosmonaut, but in the end I doubt I would be happy with it. I don’t see a stylus of any kind being any more accurate than my finger unless I can also rest my hand on the screen while I doodle.

Posted by Ben Brooks