Year: 2012



  • Follow-Up On Black iPhone 5 Nicking

    [I posted, when I received my iPhone 5, that the black model appears to have a nicking issue along the edge band where the metal is actually painted]( This problem has not subsided for me and I know a few people that have taken back their iPhones multiple times over this issue. I use my […]

  • Quote of the Day: Terence Eden

    I did have a quote from Terence Eden, then I found out what a [douchebag he is](

  • ‘Why I’m Quitting Instagram’

    [A very smart post from Ryan Block surrounding his departure from Facebook and Instagram]( >In my search for technology products and services that somehow enrich or add value to my life, Facebook and Instagram have been a net negative not only in their usefulness, but also in other, subtle ways most people don’t often consider. […]

  • ‘Keyboard Maestro Macro: Append to Evernote Note’

    [Isko Salminen has written a post about appending your quotes to an Evernote note with Keyboard Maestro]( instead of appending them to a text file, [as I do]( This is a particularly clever solution because it uses the Keyboard Maestro `Open URL` action to grab the same Evernote note each time. I’m not an Evernote […]

  • Delay Standby

    [Erv Walter has a great tip for delaying the standby mode](, which kicks in on new retina MacBook Pros and Airs after an hour, to a more reasonable user configurable time. Walter chose 24 hours in his example, personally I went with four hours (14,400 seconds). Standby mode is very annoying when you expect to […]

  • Updated Items for the week ending December 28, 2012

    Things updated substantially (always posted at the bottom): – [The Rectilinear Top Load Backpack](

  • Thirty

    When I turned twenty-five, five years ago, my wife can attest to the minor life crisis I suffered leading up to the event. I felt old, I wasn’t where I wanted to be, and *everything* mattered. Today I am thirty. ((December 28, 2012)) I am closer to where I want to be, have managed to […]

  • Keyboard Maestro Macro / AppleScript: Mail This Selected Item

    *(This post is a part of a series on Keyboard Maestro, [see more here](* As part of my job I compile a monthly PDF report which I send out to the owners of properties I manage. I do this for quite a few properties every month. When I started I used a bunch of TextExpander […]

  • Quote of the Day: The Macalope

    “But when you write for TrollWriteSMASH, edited by the artist formerly known as Fake Steve Jobs and currently known as mud, just one survey that supports your bitter, anti-Apple hypothesis will do.” — The Macalope

  • The Goruck GR1

    This bag is made for war, but it turns out it is also a very good bag.

  • Updated Items for the week of December 21, 2012

    Things updated substantially (always posted at the bottom): – [TSA’s Christmas Non-Miracle](, updated December 17, 2012. – [The Dropbox v. iCloud debate](, updated December 18, 2012. – [Instagram promises revisions](, updated December 18, 2012.

  • Keyboard Maestro Macro: All Caps to Title Case

    *(This post is a part of a series on Keyboard Maestro, [see more here](* I really hate websites that capitalize every letter of an authors name in their byline because it makes it hard to link to that post — mostly because I like to copy and paste names so that I make sure I […]

  • ‘The Answer Is Just a Click Away’

    [Dave Pell has a great post about the technology overload that many of us feel]( >The idea that we need a technological solution for too much technology is, at best, the Internet era’s great placebo effect. We feel like we’re getting a little better, but that’s just part of the same addiction. We’ll always be […]

  • Moving Out of the Big City

    [Riccardo Mori has a great post talking about and the differences between and Twitter. Mori has this really great statement]( >So, when someone starts interacting with you out of the blue, you don’t tend to think *Who the hell are you?* (as it may happen on Twitter). Instead, you feel like you just […]

  • Quote of the Day: Dave Pell

    “We need a media that races to be right.” — Dave Pell

  • Lifting the Limitations

    [Thomas Brand has some thoughts on Dropbox and iCloud, culminating in this great point]( >People use Dropbox on their iOS devices because they want to share information between Apps. And they use Dropbox on their Macs and PCs because they want to share information between people and computers. Why not make iCloud better at both, […]

  • Quote of the Day: Shawn Blanc

    “Intentions are dandy, but real men get to work.” — Shawn Blanc

  • ‘What Instagram’s New Terms of Service Mean for You’

    [Jenna Wortham and Nick Bilton reporting on the ToS changes at Instagram]( >This means that photographs uploaded to Instagram could end up in an advertisement on the service or on Facebook. In addition, someone who doesn’t use Instagram could end up in an advertisement if they have their photograph snapped and shared on the service […]

  • A Few Thoughts on Dropbox, Apple, and Linchpins

    [John Gruber is on a bit of an “Dropbox is an essential feature” kick]( >The scary part though, is that one recurrent theme I see in nearly every single “how I write on the iPad” story is Dropbox. It’s the linchpin in the workflow. [And in a follow-up post]( >Jobs may well have been right […]

  • Amazon Item of the Week: Fellowes Powershred 79Ci

    A while back I bought a shredder — like 4 years ago — to start shredding anything that has my name on it. ((This level of paranoia should surprise no reader.)) For the first few times I used that shredder everything was great. Then it jammed one day and I spent two hours picking everything […]