Matt Greer on waking up at 5am to work on personal projects (coding in his case) before he heads off for a full day of work (even doing so on the weekends):
>It’s 5am and I will be also putting in a full day’s work afterwards. Not being stressed out or frustrated during this time is essential. I ensure this by working on truly personal projects that interest me and I have complete control over. I’m only two weeks in but so far no signs of getting worn out, in fact quite the opposite. It’s been pretty invigorating.

I actually used to do this very thing, only waking up at 5:30a instead. I loved it, but I had to go to bed early enough to be awake at that time — this did not make my wife happy. Now I wake up at 6a and do a bunch of things before work.

I work with every chance I get, whether for this site or my day job — it’s just a part of my life. Luckily one of those two jobs is something that I can hardly call work.

Bottom line: mornings are underrated — give them a try.

Posted by Ben Brooks